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Letter: It is time the state adopt the 100% Clean Act
Letter: It is time the state adopt the 100% Clean Act

It is time the state adopt the 100% Clean Act

There is a bill stuck in committee in Massachusetts state Legislature, the 100% Clean Act (H.3288/S.2136) — the future of which will be decided on only after leaving said committee.

I’m upset that it is stuck in committee, because it means an opportunity to take action in the climate crisis — head-on — is at a standstill in Massachusetts. We are not doing what we need to in order to avoid global catastrophe.

I support this bill because I am a worried about the future of my unborn children, who will otherwise be subjected to live in the conditions of an ever-worsening planet that would be stuck on the path towards destruction, as a result of fossil-fuels and all of our CO2 emissions.

The 100% Clean Act will put Massachusetts on a brighter, safer future powered entirely by clean energy — something the people of our state have been overwhelmingly in favor toward.

Statewide, we have the potential to generate more than 20 times as much electricity as the state uses each year from offshore wind-energy, alone. Rooftop solar could generate up to 47% of the state’s electricity.

Anerobic Biodigestion, is another technology that can help create a reliable source for municipal energy-generation. A considerably high-cost benefit could also be gained from energy-efficiency in buildings.

We can avoid otherwise imminent destruction, secure the future of the planet our children and grandchildren will walk on, while also capitalizing on economic and environmental benefits this bill proposes for our state, and the jobs it will create.

I am urgently asking every person reading to support the 100% Clean Act and to contact their local representative to make sure this bill is supported, makes it out of committee, and is voted for, so we can realize the future which we seek.

— Quinn A. CacoliceGrassroots intern for MASSPIRG StudentsWestfield